New service helps golfers find playing partners

New service helps golfers find playing partners.

Dan Ekman golfplayer

Dan Ekman initiator

One of golf`s most unique aspects is the single walking up to the group on the first tee with the line, “The starter asked if I could join you…?” Golfing etiquette says that you always have the single golfer join your group. Only the most extenuating circumstances would have you deny such a request.

Most times, on the 18th hole after the final putt sinks, you shake hands, say what a nice round it was and that you should do it again in the future. Your group and the single depart, never to lay eyes on each other again. Sometimes, your group expands with a new found friend.

According to a study by the Swedish Golf Federation carried out in 2010, golfers don`t like to play with golfers they don`t know. Sweden has over a half a million golfers. That same survey says that one in ten - or nearly 50,000 active men and women – have a hard time finding someone to play golf with.

Single golfers who seek a partner for life on and off the golf course have several niche dating sites available. For single golfers who do not necessarily have romantic ambitions in mind the opportunities are a little leaner.

Until now. was launched in the spring of 2011 by Film producer, Dan Ekman, a member of Landeryd Golf Club in Linköping, Sweden.

“I was played golf off and on for a few years, but found it hard to find a game when I moved to a new city and changed my club. Through my job and playing various golf courses I found new game partners, but because of my work, I often have available times when they can not get away, “ said Ekman.

“Playing golf alone takes away half the fun. Golf is a very social activity. So I thought it was time for single golfers to receive their own online meeting place,” explaining his idea.

From a thought to action, the idea was quickly put into motion. Today the site is online and operating with more than 35000 unique visitors per week. Membership is totally free.

“The advantage of is that it`s a neutral meeting place to find new, like-minded golf partners, quickly. You can search by handicap level or home course and find a similar player to you. Anyone with a tee time can post an invitation on the forum and see who would like to play.

The profile can be used to indicate the player´s level of ambition. Some commit themselves to the sport and train seriously. Some are seeking primarily playing partners. Other regard golf as mere recreation.

A membership to a golf course is compulsory on the registration but the age and identity can be hidden in your profile if you wish. One tip is to set your favorite courses in the profile text and indicate whether you willing to travel to play, or if you wish to remain at the home course. Others can seek a travel companion for a golf trip or establish contact with golfers living in a different country to get some advice on the local golf courses.

“A foursome is always more fun than a single. You never know what might happen-you might become friends for life,” says Ekman, who with friends has enriched his golfing, now offers other single player the same opportunity with

Want to play with more golfers? On you`re in good company! The name says exactly what it is about- finding a compatible playing partner, because it´s easier to find an errant ball when there are several watching.